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Types of Consultations

  • ONLINE CONSULTATION (30-40 minutes via Zoom)

    The help you need available remotely - it's easy for you and often less stressful for your dog!


    1. We can come to your home! NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
    2. Meet us at the Better Homes and Gardens office! NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Types of Consultations


    Growling, barking, lunging, showing of teeth, snapping and biting – aggressive behavior in dogs can be classified in different ways, depending on what purpose the aggression serves. From guarding of resources to biting the neighbor, we can help to identify why your dog is showing aggressive behaviors and provide management strategies and ideas to begin using immediately to diminish the severity of the behaviors.


    Lunging and barking on leash, Rushing fences and windows, Door manners, Demand and attention barking, inappropriate jumping up



You can learn too

When communication breaks down it is frustrating for dogs and people. We can help you to learn and interpret your dog’s body language for increased communication. Anxiety goes down when communication goes up.

What to expect

We meet by Zoom, a remote video chat service that does not require you to create an account. All you need is a computer with webcam and microphone, or a smartphone. A recording of the session can be made available upon request!

We’ll discuss your case and your goals with you, and give you an initial plan to help you and your dog(s)!

The number of sessions is based on your goals and needs. We can meet once so you can have your questions answered about the behavior, or we can meet as many times as you need to meet your unique goals.

  • There are many variables when determining how many sessions it may require to help you and your dog(s). Some of those variables include your overall goals; the severity and type of behavior(s); your dog’s behavior history; how much time and resources you can commit; how your dog responds to the behavior modification; and addressing any underlying medical issues that might exist that are contributing to the behavior.
  • The online consultation is an excellent first step if you are looking to understand your dog’s aggression and seek immediate initial recommendations. It is also helpful for those who have been working with another behavior professional and would like a “second set of eyes” on a case. We also o er this option to trainers who would like to fine tune a case they may be working with.


We are a 501c3 non-profit and a completely volunteer-run organization. We have no set fees but we do rely on your donations to keep going. We ask you to donate what you can afford, if you can afford to do so.